LIVE The Way You Like It 2012
LYB Records
Track Listing:

  1. Prayin’ For Rain
  2. Heart Of Mine
  3. Girl With A Gun
  4. But I Miss You
  5. Days In The Hole
  6. Wonder If I’ll Ever Get Out
  7. It’s Hard Bein’ You
  8. Won’t Gimme A Chance
  9. Summer Anthem
  10. Want You Back
  11. End Up In Mexico
  12. What You Make
  13. Don’t Want To Try

Produced by Lacy Younger
LYB Records ~ for Makua/Voices for children
Track Listing:

  1. Heart of Mine by Lacy Younger
  2. My Only Friend by Soul Plow
  3. This Is Your Life by Danny Myrick/Kirsti Mana
  4. No Sleep For The Lonely by Bard
  5. Just Can’t Stop by Deblois Mileage Band
  6. Stay Awake by Stretford End
  7. It Starts Today by Christine Marie
  8. My Only Faith by Tony Suraci
  9. What You Make by Lacy Younger
  10. Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves by Dylan Chambers
  11. All Alone Again by Joseph A. Peragine
  12. The Vanquished Kids by Martian Horses

Big Deal/Hyena Records
Track Listing:

  1. This Ain’t The First Time
  2. Still Wild
  3. Here’s To You
  4. But I Miss You
  5. I Was Wrong
  6. Livin’ On Memories
  7. Broken Heart, Broken Bones
  8. Dead Wrong
  9. Didn’t I
  10. This Time
  11. Let Me In
  12. Not Forgiving You
  13. Something You Do





Voices From The Heart II ~ 2013
Produced by Lacy Younger
For Just In Time for Foster Youth
Track Listing:

  1. Spirit Hands by Steve Poltz
  2. Hole In My Heart by Rick Elias
  3. If You Only Knew by Candice Graham
  4. Little Dragon by The boundary Birds
  5. I Ain’t Mad At Ya by Lady Dottie and The Diamonds
  6. Still Can’t Believe by Lacy Younger
  7. I Believe by A.J. Croce
  8. Falling by Astra Kelly
  9. Awake by Tolan Shaw
  10. Blink Of An Eye by Wise Monkey
  11. What Do You Want From Me by Sandjacket
  12. You Found The One by Jason Scheff
  13. Poor Born by Two Wolves
  14. Give It Up For Love by The Light Fantastic Megatrip