A young boy calls for cake each morning upon awakening and though that may not sound like a healthy breakfast, it is what he craves… first thing!

You will find it funny and charming…

You will find it funny and charming and will soon see why finding cake on the floor and outside in the bushes is perfectly appropriate! A cat and his tail… and a boy and his tale… of life and the sweetest treats it has to offer. The story is adorable and it’s rhyming meter is infectious and will keep your child entertained and engaged. They will beg you to read it again and again. Rhyming stories (nursery rhymes) can boost early language development in children. The repetition of rhymes teach children how language works, it also builds memory capabilities that can be applied to all sorts of activities. Furthermore, nursery rhyme books are often a child’s first experience with literacy and usually open the door to a love of all books. I read to my son Dillon every day from the time he was six months old until he was about twelve. I used phonics to teach him to read by the time he was three years old. Reading to and with him every night was a huge factor in his early development. More importantly, it was crucial and memorable time spent bonding. IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL FIND: +adorable illustrations +clever rhymes and humor +a bit about the anatomy and character of a cat +a very fun story for children of all ages Lacy Younger is a singer~songwriter, an author and most importantly, a mother.

Written by : Lacy Younger

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