With looks to kill and a voice to match Lacy Younger sings songs about life and life’s lessons. Still Wild, the singer, songwriter’s debut CD on Hyena/Big Deal Records was Lacy’s open rockin’ book on just that,..love and surviving the ride. The single, ‘Something You Do’ entered the charts at #52 with a bullet and hit the top 30, staying there for many weeks. Starting fresh in 2011, Lacy decided to collaborate with long time friend/drummer Danny Campbell (renowned session player and member of the Boundary Birds) and record an ‘old fashioned’ record.. (sans massive overdubs and autotune) . Completed in just a couple of days, their effort rendered a truly special CD. ‘LIVE, The Way You Like It’ is a great representation of what the artist delivers LIVE and it has been met with rave reviews both in the U.S. and abroad. Born in San Diego, CA, she grew up with the sound of the surf and the Stones. “I was always a big Keith Richards/Stones fan, his songwriting and hooky riffs inspired me… loved the B side songs, loved The Faces..” says Lacy …”as a singer I wanted to be like Paul Rodgers or Ann Wilson but as a performer on stage I wanted to be more like Jagger or Bette Midler.. fiery and daring..”. These influences are evident in her cocky persona on stage yet she shines with a girlish youth that will draw you in. She has mastered ‘controlled rasp’ yet can sing clear as a bell at the top of her range; a powerhouse voice. “YOUNGER HAS A SEXY VOCAL STYLE THAT IS REMINISCENT OF BONNIE RAITT AND BONNIE BRAMLET…BUT EVEN MORE SO OF ROD STEWART AND CHRIS ROBINSON……. CONVERSELY SHE CAN CHILL ON BALLADS..” writes Peter Hund.

Lacy has been recognized for her songwriting over the years (California CMA, LA Music Awards and HMMA nominee, two time San Diego Music Awards nominee and Jim Beam Intl. Songwriter winner) and is a clever wordsmith. ??She is no stranger to the spotlight. “At age three. Grandma Goldie would grab me out of bed, stand me on the coffee table and insist I belt out ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ for a house full of martini clad party guests.” By age five she was writing songs on the piano (by ear). “Writing and performing have always been my favorite form of self expression,” says Lacy, a veteran by the age of 15 when she sang in her first band,.. “with a bunch of old guys!…(all in their twenties)..I was playing in local clubs by the time I was 16,.. I remember having to wait in the alley by the back door between sets at The Spirit Club because I was under age.” From there she never looked back. She moved to L.A. at 17 where she began singing and arranging background vocals and cutting her own demos.

Being a songwriter first, Nashville was a natural progression for Lacy. In the 90’s she spent time honing her craft where the ‘song is King’ and the songwriter is a Viking princess who forged a path; where ‘crossover’ music like hers wasn’t really the ‘formula’ that was being embraced just then. During that time she was offered several publishing deals but chose to avoid tying up her songs while holding out for a record deal. The short wait paid off and she accepted an offer back in LA… Soon after Lacy experienced the heartbreak of professional dreams not realized when her first single off of her first record went to #1 in Denmark and her label would not send her there or even begin promoting it. The record had just been released and made a big splash on radio, she was playing to audiences of 10,000 during her short but successful introduction on the east coast, and middle America, then… after fighting for the promotion she was promised and basically being ‘shelved’.. she was let out of her contract; “thankfully..”, says Lacy. And so it goes in an industry that sometimes appears to make no sense.

This sent her into a hiatus of sorts. But her downtime didn’t last long, as soon after she returned home to S.D. and was brought together with Val Garay. Lacy joined forces with the Grammy Award-winning producer, (Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Brown, James Taylor).. and brought STILL WILD to fruition. “I like that record, it’s gritty..” says Lacy, “If you have to call me something, I’m O.K. with Southern Rock or Edgy Americana,..whatever!”..”I’ve always had a hard time with that chronically asked question, ‘what kind of music do you do?’…I never have a straight answer!..I’m just a poet at heart”. In fact, her single, ‘Something You Do’ entered the Adult Contemporary charts at 52 with a bullet…”That song was a hit but the sh#t timing of the economic crash turned my ‘3 record deal’ into a ‘1 record deal’ and pulled all support off of that single (no more radio promo just as it was climbing)..”
You’ll find Lacy Younger is Still Wild, in a good way, emoting a youthful soul on her records and in person. She writes her own music and arranges the majority of it. She has written with hitmakers such as Bonnie Hayes and Kirsti Manna but is a self proclaimed loner when it comes to the creative process.

“Everyone has a tough time when it comes to love, I write the occasional ‘story’ but mostly I write about what I experience or witness; I know, another song about heartache, bore me!…..but what else is there besides money and the pull of gravity that has such a huge affect on the human BEING?!”… she says.

Her Humanitarian endeavors include two compilation CD’s and many fundraisers, (Voices From The Heart and Voices From The Heart II) and the work she is currently doing, with the band Temple Of The Dad to raise funds for various music programs in The Point Loma and San Diego School district. Guitars In The Classroom is a favorite.

Lacy has been touring Europe frequently the past 5 years and is making an effort to play at home in San Diego more often. Her newest single, FOR THE RECORD was just released in August 2016. The first cut from a project she is currently working on in Nashville with producer Bill Warner.